City of Kingsport

Founded in 1917, Kingsport embodies an ideal example of how rural and metro lifestyles can flourish side-by-side. The founder of Kingsport coined the phrase “The Kingsport Spirit,” which describes the relentless enthusiasm of its residents to make Kingsport a great place to live through its dedication to the community. This is what makes Kingsport feel like home. Kingsport’s rich history manifests itself every day through historical landmarks such as Netherland Inn and Exchange Place, as well as the lively downtown streets filled with local art, lofts, cafés, live music, and beautiful old buildings. Heritage, tradition, and patriotism are held close to the hearts of those who call Kingsport home.

Board of Mayor & Aldermen

The City is governed by a seven member Board of Mayor and Aldermen, elected at-large and on a non-partisan basis for four-year staggered terms. The exception to this rule is that the Mayor is elected at-large for a two year term. Elections are held in May during odd numbered years. The new Board of Mayor and Alderman is seated on 1 July of each election year.

Chamber of Commerce

The Kingsport Chamber Foundation manages, promotes, supports and assists a number of charitable, educational, environmental, leadership, quality of life and wellness programs that have a tremendous impact on the Kingsport community.

Chris McCartt

We love our city manager! Follow him on Facebook and listen to his podcast to get updates about living in Kingsport!

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