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Vipassana Noting Meditation Seminar

Kingsport Public Library 400 Broad St, Kingsport

Interested in learning more about meditation? Join us on November 4th at 10:00 am in the library's auditorium for a Vipassana Noting Meditation Seminar. Guest speaker Stefen will be sharing […]



Bays Mountain Park 853 Bays Mountain Park Road, Kingsport

Travel back to the beginning of time and experience the birth of the Sun. Discover how it came to support life, how it threatens life as we know it, and […]

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Kingsport Chamber 75th Anniversary Celebration

Medowview Marriott 1901 Meadowview Pkwy, Kingsport

Three award-winning Broadway stars will be performing in Kingsport to celebrate the Kingsport Chamber’s 75th year. The actors will join the Symphony of the Mountains Orchestra in a one-time only show – “From Broadway to Hollywood!” – featuring selected […]



A calendar has been created called the This is Kingsport events calendar which will serve as a non-public forum to provide citizens with information about social and organizational gatherings held within the city. The city will disseminate information to the public through this online calendar about social and organizational gatherings which are conducted or promoted by community partners with which the city currently has partnership agreements. Additionally, social or organizational gatherings held on city owned property to which the public at large is invited will be published on this calendar.

Each year the city enters into partnership agreements with multiple community partners some of whom in turn support the city by organizing events or promoting events of members and affiliates. By creating a common source for the dissemination of information about community events the city will be furthering its support of those community partners which in turn support the city. Moreover, the city wishes to and will benefit from highlighting gatherings which will be of benefit and enjoyment to the public.

Community partners may communicate their events or those which they promote to the city which will disseminate the information through the event calendar. Furthermore, the city of Kingsport will publish on the calendar those community events which are held on city property. In order to achieve the city’s goals only those events described herein will be published on the This is Kingsport event calendar which will be curated by city staff.