This is Kingsport: What’s It All About?

As Kingsport residents, it’s easy to see how our city is so amazing. We have firsthand experience with how unique and vibrant our community is. However, we want everyone to see that too. With the This is Kingsport movement, we intend to do just that. We want to showcase what makes our city so special and why it’s such a wonderful place to live.

Acting as our hub for everything Kingsport, is this website. Think of it as your guide to Kingsport. Here, you can find everything you need to know about our city. From activities in the community to resources to find your next job, we’ve got you covered. With a resource like this, we can easily showcase the great things about our city for short-term visitors and potential new residents, as well as for all of the wonderful people who already call Kingsport home.

We want our unique region to be appreciated and acknowledged for everything it has to offer. With This is Kingsport, we will solidify Kingsport’s reputation as a modern and evolving community while maintaining the deep roots of Appalachian culture that created this fascinating place we call home.

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