Sculpture Walk

The Sculpture Walk is a private-public partnership in which sponsors provide stipends to artists for the loan of their pieces for an 11-month exhibition. These pieces are displayed throughout downtown Kingsport. 

The Quilt Trail

The Quilt Trail in Northeast Tennessee flows into Downtown Kingsport. The artistry of the traditional quilt can be seen on several buildings in Downtown Kingsport. Take your time, pack a lunch or better yet, stop at one of the downtown restaurants to enjoy some local flavors. 

Heritage Trail

Walk along the Heritage Trail in Downtown Kingsport to learn all about the history of our great city. Along the trail, you will find signs with information about the historic buildings downtown. [Download Map PDF]

Selfie Trail

Capture the amazing sights around the city on the Kingsport Selfie Trail. Find a selfie location marker, take a selfie, and share your selfie using the hashtag #CaptureKingsport. 

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