Swim Aerobics

From aqua yoga, scuba classes, H2O conditioning and more! Click here to view a list of swim aerobics activities in Kingsport.

Million Mile City

The Three Million Mile City Challenge was issued by Healthy Kingsport in 2019. The goal of this challenge is to as a community, collectively log 3 million miles of physical activity every year. Kingsport has since exceeded this 3 million mile goal with a collective 6 MILLION MILES! These miles can be any type of physical activity such as swimming, hiking, biking and even gardening!

YMCA Group Exercise

Group exercise helps create accountability, encourages new friendships, motivates, and enables growth in the YMCA family. Group exercise classes are a great way to become involved and have fun exercising with others! Best of all, both men and women enjoy almost every class opportunity, making it truly open and welcoming to every person. Group exercise classes are offered as a part of membership and participation is on a first come, first served basis.

VIDA Hot Yoga

VIDA Hot Yoga offers Hot Yoga, Barre, and Pilates classes in Kingsport, Tennessee. The custom-built facility has infrared radiant heat, men’s and women’s changing rooms with showers, and an onsite yoga fashion & accessories boutique.

The Great Body Company

The Great Body Company Wellness Center is not just a gym. They are the only facility in the area that is medically oriented and has a staff with extensive knowledge in exercise science and medical wellness. 

They can help you lose weight, enhance your strength and improve performance. They can also help you rehabilitate injuries or get you back on your feet after surgery!

Senior Wellness Classes

The goal of the Kingsport Senior Center Wellness Program is to assist seniors in adopting positive behaviors that will lead to healthier lives and to integrate social, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellness into everyday life. The Kingsport Senior Center offers area seniors an extensive choice of activities including a variety of exercise classes and a fully equipped exercise room.

Kingsport Crossfit

CrossFit begins with a belief that infusing fitness with fellowship yields the greatest results. Unlike most gyms, we believe that the daily grind of working out should be a team effort, and that it should be fun. 

CrossFit is a scientifically sound training program based on performing constantly varied and functional movements at high intensities. Our workouts are comprised of an infinite variety of weightlifting, gymnastics, and metabolic conditioning in as many different time intervals and rep schemes as possible.

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