Facts & Stats

Kingsport embodies an ideal example of how rural and metro lifestyles can flourish side-by-side. An economic hub of a proud, historically significant region of the United States, ‘Appalachian Highlands’, the city of Kingsport and its surrounding area have capitalized on a temperate climate, abundant natural resources, and a capable workforce to create a fulfilling, affordable, and accessible quality-of-life on every level…

Real Estate Facts

So you want to move to Kingsport, TN, but aren’t sure if you can afford the housing costs? Here’s what you need to know: The median home price in Kingsport is $135,700, while the median rent for a one bedroom apartment is $582. The median salary in Kingsport is $37,465, and depending on how yours compares, it should help you determine which housing option is best for you. Learn more by clicking the link below!

Beautiful & Sustainable City

Living the green life in Kingsport is gaining momentum, with the city and such major employers as Domtar and Eastman involved in efforts to restore, preserve and/or improve Kingsport’s natural environment.

One such initiative is Keep Kingsport Beautiful, a campaign to involve the community in responsible solutions for a clean and scenic local environment. Efforts of this city/chamber campaign include reducing litter, promoting recycling, encouraging beautification and increasing public awareness through promotion.

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